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Welcome to AQ Implants - Your specialist for revisions and 3D-custom-made prostheses

The core competency of AQ Implants GmbH is the endoprosthetic reconstruction of severe and complex defects and anomalies. With the development and production of innovative implant systems we provide surgeons with various surgical options to reconstruct a wide variety of defects. Besides our highly innovative prosthesis systems we also provide a well-proven range of implants for primary cases. With decades of experience in total joint replacement, we are a competent partner of the attending physician distinguishing ourselves with professionalism, service and reliability. Our decision to base our company in Germany ensures quick response to market conditions and closest proximity to our customers possible.

The REVISIO System

Due to the increased number of implantations, revision arthroplasty gains more and more importance in Germany. Under the brand name REVISIO we offer several sophisticated product lines for the treatment of various defect situations...

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The AQI Process

The AQI Process was developed on the basis of the company's decades of experience in 3D planning. We use this innovative planning tool especially in the surgical planning of complex defects and anomalies that could...

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